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Here’s why the texture of your skincare Product Is Important

Here’s why the texture of your skincare Product Is Important

Hi everyone! My name is Ogbu Chidera. I am beauty enthusiast, and the Founder of leading indie skincare brand, Olaedo Naturals.

Let’s talk about the texture of your skincare products! Have you ever wondered why your skincare products vary in texture and consistency? Well, I am happy to inform you that there is a very important reason for it. 

When checking out the ingredient list of the product you are about to add to your cart, you might want to start taking into consideration the texture of the cleanser or moisturiser you are purchasing after reading this.

What Is The Right Texture For Your Products? 

For the sake of this article, texture has to do with the look and feel of your skincare products. To name a few examples, the way your moisturizer melts into your skin and the way your sunscreen pills may have to do with its texture.

1. Moisturizers And Sunscreen

When it comes to moisturizers, the texture of such products are often cream, lotion and gel based. While some may be lightweight, others can be thicker depending on what it seeks to achieve.

You should not forget that your sunscreen can have moisturizing properties too and can come in any of the textures listed above. Sunscreens can also come in the form of sprays.

2. Serums

Serums are made from tiny molecules which typically makes them lighter than moisturizers. A good serum should be absorbed by your skin easily. Serums often come before the application of moisturizers because of its lighter texture and a moisturizer comes after due to its ability to prevent further moisture loss.

3. Toners 

A toner has a water-like consistency and is meant to be applied before your serum and moisturizer. Toners enable serums and moisturizers to penetrate deeper into the skin.

4. Cleansers 

Cleansers on the other hand range in texture and consistency and can be oil-based, foamy, creamy or gel like. They can also come in the form of clay or micellar water.

Why The Texture Of Your Products Matter

The texture of your skincare products contributes greatly to the success of your skincare routine and how effective your routine is at tackling your skin concerns. Here are four reasons why the texture of your skincare products is important. Thank me later!

1. Skin Type

As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks”. While certain skincare products may work well with any skin type, some product textures and formulations are best suited for a particular skin type. A great example will be someone who has dry skin opting for a cream based cleanser. This is because these types of cleansers are more gentle and hydrating in comparison to others. Also, for this skin type, a cream-based moisturizer is your best bet because of its thicker and richer consistency and ability to retain moisture.

If you have oily skin, it is highly recommended to opt for a gel based cleanser, this is because of their ability to give your skin a deep clean which means no clogged pores. The same thing applies to moisturizers as well, a gel or lotion moisturizer is befitting for oily skin because it is lightweight and would not feel heavy on the skin. 

Lastly, for combination skin types, a foaming cleanser is most appropriate. A foaming cleanser is usually a mix between a gel and cream cleanser. This combination gives your skin a deep clean while keeping your skin hydrated and maintaining its natural oils. 

If you are looking for a cleanser that does it all, I would highly recommend my personal favorite, thegentle facial cleanserby Olaedo Naturals. It is suitable for all skin types and cleanses effectively while maintaining your skin barrier.

2. Texture Can Determine Quality

Texture can be a great determinant of the quality of your skincare products. Bad texture may immediately put you off (it will most definitely put me off) and make you doubt the efficacy of the product. For example, a good moisturizer should actually ‘moisturize’ your skin, not make it oily. It should also be easy for your skin to absorb the product and not sit on top of it. If moisturizers are not well absorbed by your skin, it may cause your sunscreens to pill or crease in your makeup.

3. Climate Change

This may sound new, but climate change also influences what texture of skincare products you should reach for. When the weather is dry, you might want to switch to a cream cleanser due to its hydrating abilities. I also like to add extra hydration to my skin by using hydratingtonersduring the dry season. Due to its water-like texture, my skin absorbs it quickly and it also allows all other products I apply penetrate my skin easily.

During humid weather, you might want to tone down on using heavy creams and opt for lightweight moisturizers. This reduces your chances of feeling excessively sweaty. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

4. Skin Concerns And Needs

Your skin needs and concerns can also dictate what particular texture you should go for when shopping for skincare products. If you are battling with acne or have acne-prone skin, the texture of your moisturizer should be gel-like because it is usually lightweight, oil-free and unlikely to cause further breakouts. Cream based products and textures on the other hand may prove to be too heavy for such skin types and skin concerns. 

If you are a consistent makeup wearer, your skin may need an oil-based cleansers or foamy cleansers to effectively take off makeup or sunscreens without disrupting your skin barrier.

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