About Olaedo Naturals

Hello Y💛U!
and welcome to Olaedo Naturals.

We launched in April 2018 to help more people stay confident in their skin, regardless of whatever conditions they’re dealing with. As a brand, we understand on a personal note what it takes to stay confident even when it seems like the odds are happening. Our founder herself struggles with psoriasis and our brand started off helping her navigate her basic skincare needs while she had to deal with her condition.

All our products have been carefully created with your comfort at the forefront of our mind. We understand the need to own the right set of products, keep one’s skin healthy and nourished. This is why we continue to innovate around our work by partnering with certified cosmetic scientists with deep knowledge and expertise of people’s skincare need. We also contribute socially by supporting and allowing local women source up to 85% of the raw materials/ingredients we use during production phases.

We believe that beauty is personal and we encourage you to define beauty on your own terms.

Made in Nigeria